groovy life choices girl


(hopefully turn into habits. wee)

yoga yoga yoga ur’daaaaay yoga

keep the place clean. clean enough to have pals over who aren’t as messy as i am. ;) :)

eat out less, cook more

watch all of breaking amish because it’s amazing

get a planner to stay on top of shit

OH AND NO SUGAR, i think i am addicted, legit.

OH AND NO SMOKES, incase you didn’t know i’ve been smoking a lot since i moved out. it makes me sleepy among many other reasons to stop.


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WEEEeeeee happ eeeeeeee

Ain’t nothin in my life that’s goin bad.

I love my job, no I don’t have a job lined up for the far off future, but a surprising amount of regulars are willing to help a barista out if she ever needs connections in any ol’ direction.

I love my BUDDIES, old ones, new ones, this is the city I feel I have the most family in, and it’s simply nice to be HOME for a bitty. (#travelssooooooooonihope)

I love my LOVER, we’re as silly and giddy as ever and getting married next year.

I think this is the first time I’m ACTUALLY getting better at my monies.¬†

I LOVE BOOKS, and have just read so many good ones in a row. h’oooo my brain feels good.

Also there’s a place around the corner from me that has a ‘sit and knit’ night every thursday, YAY FOR HOBBIES.

Incase anybuddy ever looks at my blog wondering how old gwen is doing, she’s a happy girl. Or maybe I’m just writing this because it’s nice to write down how nice you’re feeling.

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"After a year or three in Toronto (possible quick modeling trip to wherever I can too) it’s time to travel. Europe or somewhere warm! Mid to late twenties I’d like to be a local anywhere exciting and abroad.

And no, I don’t know if I’ll go back to school, or ever get much cleverer, or more stylish, or more selfish, or more grown up.

We’ll have to wait and see.

I’d rather not jinx anything, but I bet I will be in love still.”

"Being young but a grown up is always confusing and new."

"It gets better as you get older."

"Do things settle down? Do they plateau?"

"No, you just get used to being confused."