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"Being young but a grown up is always confusing and new."

"It gets better as you get older."

"Do things settle down? Do they plateau?"

"No, you just get used to being confused."

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i don’t know about you!

but i’m feeling twenty two oo!

In Winnipeg right now visiting family. It’s happy free confused and lonely at the same time. It’s miserable and magical oooh yeeeeeaaaa! 

Enough Taylor Swift, I’m in a sentimental mood. Excited for Toronto. And realizing I’ve messed up a couple of times and don’t have a future planned out, but all of my cousins, with their perfectly planned out futures, seem to be in a sort of bubble*.

I am confused all the time, but can find no bubbles*!- and this makes me very content.

An old roommate from Shanghai tonight posted a facebook status about old times and all of her friends met abroad- who were free spirited and brave for facing awkward times. I liked it a lot because “awkward” and “brave” are two words that should be combined more frequently. I don’t know how much a planned future would place the two words together. (perhaps because I find it too hard to understand a ‘planned future’)

I don’t mean to be pompous and think I am more worldly or clever than my cousins just because I am free spirited, awkward, and brave, (by all means NO). 

Simply that time I often think I am wasting, maybe is not wasted at all, and I will try to stay curious and excited and try on all sorts of different outfits until I am old old old. 

Toronto plans have been delayed enough, and now dreams are becoming a reality. It is very exciting to see how old friendships (kept strong through/thanks to internet) will play out in real life.

Especially excited to see my lover and I in a new setting, with new adventures and challenges awaiting us as a team. With each of us having our old friends by our side, and making new friends through each other. 

My thoughts are never good at becoming beautiful words (SIDE NOTE: my grandad is focused on discussing what beauty means lately…to me it means the action of loving..)- but I hope this makes sense to myself later and to any wandering eyes that glance at it.

xoxo gossip gwen. 

*by ‘bubble’ i basically mean ‘sheltered’ and judging of people who think differently than you/seem a little dull to an educated mind. …..

…..I ADMIT TO DOING THIS TO FOLK, ….only to later admit I was entirely wrong about them, and I’m not educated anyways.